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  • To Place an Order, Select (double click) an image to enlarge it, move your mouse pointer to the upper left corner. A menu will appear. Click "Buy", select the product you'd like to purchase based on the selected image, and follow the options which lead you to a secure online shopping cart.


As of December 2016, Pawprint Pictures is no longer photographing local Club trials.

In the next three months, we will be completing current orders. After February 1st our pictures will no longer be listed by local Agility Club trials.  

The success of Pawprint Pictures over the previous 8 years has been largely due to our amazing customers. We have tried hard to bring you beautiful images, and we are very grateful to you for trusting in us for producing high quality mementoes of you and your canine friends.

Thank you for your past business. Please contact us at (847) 431-4681 or if you have any queries regarding orders – we will be honoring all orders that we have already taken. 

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