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  • Agility Shows are listed under "Trials" where Hosts e.g. "Scott County Kennel Club" are listed by name. Under each host, trials are sorted by date e.g. "201601 SCKC-IA AKC". Within trials, exhibitors and dogs are listed by First & Last name e.g. "Jane Smith" , then dogs by name e.g."Raven"... 
  • Similar steps are used for Annual Events, e.g. 2015 NADAC Champs, 2016 CPE Nationals, etc...
  • Customers can view "Proof" galleries by clicking "Customers" which lists galleries by first & last name.
  • To Place an Order, Select (double click) an image to enlarge it, move your mouse pointer to the upper left corner. A menu will appear. Click "Buy", select the product you'd like to purchase based on the selected image, and follow the options which lead you to a secure online shopping cart.


An accredited member of the Better Business Bureau with years of experience, Pawprint Pictures specializes in Art & Photography that portrays Canine Athletes in action, with custom images using photography and mixed media, presented on top quality photo paper, canvas, metal, wood, jewelry, and electronic accessories.

Pawprint Pictures works closely with Host Groups to provide value to everyone's dog show experience. Event coordinators are welcome to contact us and discuss availability and requirements.

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